11 Nov 2009

the Amersham Arms

just been to Amersham Arms where Sally Hunt bought me a half of guiness, this was after the the UCU/NUS teaching this evening at Goldsmiths, so nice to talk to Des, Kirsten, David Graeber (who told me some interesting economic anthropology stuff) and other cool Goldsmiths UCU members

Sally made an excellent speech, at the event not in the Amersham Arms, about how the government and tories are stemming ahead with commodifiying education.

I hope UCU and NUS can resist, isn't it depressing to be ruled by an unelected Lord Mandelson and wee David Cameron and Osbourne are to accelerate the cuts.

All about squeezing out the population to redistribute more income to the world's billionaires.

Lot of interest in the Greens as a political alternative in Lewisham, and every day I meet more people who are inspired by Jerry Hick, so we can build some alternatives even in damp gray neo-liberal Britain.

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