Could green party candidate help elect a BNP MP?

Discusssion welcome on this, Hodge is a gift to Nick Griffin, Labour by be irrelevent to the working class are creating a spring board for British fascism. This is from my friend 'Verde'.

The possibility of the Green Party not standing in Barking was discussed at the London Green Party’s AGM in September and there was a fair amount of support for this in view of the BNP threat. Now with the announcement of Griffin standing, Green Left will do everything possible to persuade the London party not to stand any candidates there and to support the main ‘progressive’ candidate against him. I share the views of many here about Hodge. She is vile and has pandered totally, as have many others in New Labour, to the BNP’s anti-immigrant agenda. I watched a Newsnight programme with her last year where her solution to voter disengagement was that her electors could always “come and have a chat with tea and biscuits with me”. The working class panel opposite her, which included Bob Crow just laughed in ridicule at her Lady of the Manor airs. She also presided over terrible things in Islington re childrens’ homes and I am sure that the BNP will use that against her.


Salman said…
Unfortunately, I don't think the 600 odd votes the Greens gained in the area is really going to make much of a difference either way. It's an unfomfortable prospect, pulling out to help New Labour cling onto their seat, but at least the Greens wouldn't lose their deposit. There are other, much more vital, areas the party will be committing its resources to.
Anonymous said…
A Green Party candidate could attract some voters looking for an alternative to the main parties, who might otherwise vote BNP if the BNP is the only alternative.
Salman said…
I really can't believe there are a statistically significant number of Green voters who would consider the BNP as a second option. They just speak to entirely different constituencies.
weggis said…
see comments on Jim's blog.
Mike Armstrong said…
How pathetic! If the Green Party won't put up a candidate because it fears that it might cause the BNP to get a seat then it open's the flood gates to pulling candidates in many marginal constituencies.

In Croydon Central lat time round the defeated Labour candidate, and pro-war Blareite, blamed the Green Party for his defeat by 75 votes. He was wrong, his defeat was his own fault, nothing to do with the 1,000+ votes polled by the Greens. Most of the people who voted Green would probably have not voted at all.

It is time the party just ignored the BNP and got on with the job of getting elected.

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