1 Nov 2009

Want to support artists? Download their music for free!

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By downloading music from file sharing networks, you can help break the parasitical recording industry and help artists. In the current system if an artist isn’t able to sell half a million records they are working for a pittance. Deducted from even the tiny cut they get from the sale of their music are promotional and tour costs and the interest fees they have to pay on the studio advances they get to live on whilst recording records. As an additional insult, the record companies take the artists copyright from them and have total control over what the artist produces.

The capitalist media portrays this as an issue about whether file sharing is stealing or not. This is a distraction. The real issue is who controls the production and distribution of media. We, the people, or the large corporations like Sony, Apple and Universal. This is a fight about who controls the Internet, us or them. This is a battle that we must fight as in five years time the Internet could be like newspapers and television, dominated by a few large corporations, which would be a very sad thing indeed.

File sharing networks allow for people to easily and freely download an artist’s music, decide whether they like them, and if they do, spread the word to friends and strangers all over the world and then support the artist by going to see them live, which is how artists make their living. Comrades, download and share as much media as you can. We have nothing to lose but corporate control of music and the Internet!

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Eva Jo Frogster said...

I am a song artist but Gordon Brown must support me, so must my Member of Parliament and his guys talk to me on the phone more often than my friends do.
I sang my song "Gordon Brown be my Angel" and received a thank-you letter from Gordon Brown. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DCEWhEuhRoo

Lyrics include
Gordon Brown, Gordon Brown,
Will you be my Angel?
Guardian Angel is what I meant
Will you rescue my soul?
Gordon Brown, help me sleep
help me sleep like a baby!
I lost my womanhood

Anonymous said...

I am outraged, you have used my work without asking! ;-) Jokes...

Thanks for the re blog of my article, glad you enjoyed it.

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