13 Jul 2010

Ballad Of The Black Gold

“The fiscal, conservatives, don’t know what they purpose is
Put money on the war then they cut your goods and services
Murderous corporate monsters is breakin records, Exxon
is at 40 billion a year, they rakin in record profits. Stop it
How they bankin while the auto industry is tankin?
Leadership is sankin, oil pollution in the water stankin
Loyalty, to petroleum royalty spoil the economy
We won’t get it poppin til we oil free
If you’re oil rich then we invadin
They call occupation but we losin jobs across the nation
Drill baby drill while they make our soldiers kill baby still
The desert where the blood and oil spill.”

-“Ballad of the Black Gold”

I listen to as much 'conscious rap' as I spend time training elephants
but you have to be open to new stuff.

Pretty clear message against 'drill baby drill' and a suicidal
extractive economy.

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