3 Jul 2010

Voice of the Forest radio reports 'indigenous "Awajun" offer its territory to shelter Paul McAuley '

This is from 'Voice of the Forest' radio, incidentally the Peruvian government are trying to close down rainforest radio stations, there is an atmosphere of repression against all who attempted to stop the destruction of the Amazon, aided of course by British politicians who say nothing about this. At least the horrible Chris Bryant MP is no longer in post at the Foreign Office, dare say the neo-liberals have replaced him with someone equally as bad.

Video is from an interview last year.

Please spread the word, Spanish original via Qorianka

Peruvian Government residence canceled for brother Paul Mc Auley accusing him of "disturbing public order"

Radio La Voz de la Selva | 02/07/2010 | The Rev. Paul McAuley, president of the Environmental Network of Loreto (RAL) received a decision of the Ministry of Interior (MININTER) informing him he must leave our country.

In ministerial resolution 0571-2010-IN, referred to a police report of the State Security Department of the Territorial Division V PNP, dated August 18, 2009.

In this report, McAuley says "has been involved in various political activities, such as (...) protest marches and other acts that constitute a public nuisance."

In that sense, it is determined that the holder of RAL has committed an offense under Rule 63 of the Aliens Act, for which he was granted residency canceled in 2006 and given seven calendar days to leave the Peruvian territory, no return.

It should indicate the British religious or trial process has no such outstanding shares. However, it is recognized by permanently accompanied by indigenous communities in areas of the Maranon and the Pastaza.

In recent days, McAuley announced that the RAL request the Supervisory Agency for Private Investment in Energy and Mining (OSINERGMIN) inspect the bases of the oil company Pluspetrol, responsible for the spill of 300 barrels of oil in the Marañón River.

Since arriving in Iquitos, McAuley started his work on behalf of the Achuar communities affected by pollution with cadmium and lead, the product of indiscriminate dumping of oil companies in particular Pluspetrol. Thus formed, along with other volunteers, the Red Ambiental de Loreto (RALs), which maintained active involvement in the allegations against companies and institutions that undermine the quality of the environment.

One of the authorities sought to question him was the mayor of Iquitos, Solomon Abensur Díaz, just as the priest with a group of environmentalists denounced the installation of a municipal dump in the buffer zone of the Allpahuayo Mishana, located on Highway Iquitos-Nauta.

Indigenous "Awajun" offer its territory to shelter Paul McAuley

Radio La Voz de la Selva | 02/07/2010 | Awajun Indian province of Maranhao Datem offered refuge to Brother Paul McAuley in the community "Atahualpa" to prevent the Peruvian government consumes its decision to deport activist environmental charges of disturbing public order participating in political activities.

"The leaders of the Marañon Datem and Alto Amazonas have been aware of this decision by the government and have decided to offer our territory to Paul Mc Auley can live. He will go to our community, "Atahualpa." To see that the police will get there. Paul McAuley did not commit any crime so it is an abuse that have been committed to him, "Wagner said Musolino Acho, indigenous student and spokesman Awajun AIDESEP in Iquitos.

Faced with this public offering, the priest replied that it must adhere to the rules of Peru and who is responsible for various projects in the Loreto Environmental Network are the same as running and others that are getting international funding.

"I appreciate this gesture of indigenous peoples, but I have to meet the standards of the country. I am instructing the youth to manage the projects I'm leaving. I hope this can be solved, but while the deadline of my stay in Peru I'm trying to or

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