3 Jul 2010

Tony Blair hired by 'death squad president.'

'Santos' relationship with Blair dates back to 1999, when the Colombian politician worked with the then-U.K. leader on book called "The Third Way: An Alternative for Colombia."

Santos is expected to meet with current U.K. Prime Minister David Cameron on Monday. In addition to visiting the U.K., Santos will also reportedly visit Germany, Spain, France, Mexico, Costa Rica, Panama, Chile and Peru, in an effort to to strengthen Colombian relations with these countries prior to becoming president on August 7'

Colombia is a country where indigenous people, community organisers and trade unionists are routinely murdered.

Its ruling party has been implicated in killings with links to right wing paramilitaries....and as we see from the video above they have an imaginative approach to fighting election campaigns.

Known for widespread political corruption and the incursions into the territory of neighbouring states, Colombia's new President has hired Tony Blair firm as consultants.


I hope the people Tony killed in the Iraq War visit him in his nightmares.....New Labour what an assault on justice, society and the environment but for Tony the project of working for the world's worst continues.

Not that the Con-dem government are any better, Santos who flew into Britain this week, will be Downing Street on monday no doubt to shake hands with Nick Clegg and drink non fair trade coffee with David Cameron or the other way around.

The only good news is the Colombian Green Party gave Santos a good run for his money, despite the corrupt political system, coming second in the Presidential election last month.

Foreign policy in Britain from all three main parties involves strong support for Peru and Colombia countries where people are killed by death squads, so corporations can get on with getting oil, gas and biofuels out of the rainforests.

James Petras notes:

During the previous eight years of outgoing President Uribe’s and Defense Minister Santos’ rule, over 2 million, mostly rural poor, were forcibly uprooted and driven from their homes and land and displaced across frontiers into neighboring countries, or to urban slums. The Uribe-Santos regime relied on both the military and the 30,000 member paramilitary deathsquads to kill and terrorize entire population centers, deemed “sympathetic” to the armed insurgency, affecting several million urban and rural poor. Over 20,000 people were killed, many, according to the major Colombian human rights group, falsely labeled “guerrillas”. Santos as Defense Minister was directly implicated by the Courts in what was called “false positives”. The military randomly rounded up scores of poor urban youth, shot them and claimed a resounding victory over the FARC guerrillas.


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