11 Jul 2010

We will fight the 'stubborn appetite for our resources, water, wind, lives, lands'

'We call upon all brothers and all of the Other National and International Campaign and the national and international civil society to be attentive to the processes and struggles against neoliberalism that indigenous peoples all over the country are implementing.'

Too much environmental action is tokenist, stressing personal sacrifice rather than struggle for structural change and fails to focus on the big picture.

We have got to mobilise pretty dam quick to create a world that actually functions, the indigenous in Mexico sent this statement to Hugo Blanco who has passed on to many of us to spread the word, In the declaration of Xayakalan, united indigenous call for a Mexico which no longer excludes its first people...the indigenous are building a political struggle for 'tierra madre' spread the word!

The Yaqui, the Raramuri, the Triqui, the Binnizà, the Wixarika, the Tenek, the Nahua, the Purhépecha, Nha Nhu, the Mazahua, Coca, Amuzgo, the Tlapaneco, the Mixteco, Cuicatec, we join our voices, thoughts and hearts in the National Assembly of the Indian National Congress under the stewardship of our mother earth in this place and territory recovered from the Nahua and sisters of the coast of Michoacán, to declare to the citizens of Mexico and the world and civil society our national and international word:
That global capitalism and neoliberalism, under different clothes at different times in our history, since the beginning of the so-called colonization, when the friars and bishops of the Inquisition tortured and burned the live testimony and thought of our people until today when TNC sgovernment programs, political parties, religions, continue with the destruction and relentless plundering of our peoples, capitalism now behaves with the utmost brutality that has not been seen in history a stubborn appetite for our resources, water, wind, lives, lands and territories, will not tolerate it, we believe that as in 1994, this assembly is now as an emergency situation for our people, a time to continue to say enough.
Today as yesterday, our peoples, nations, tribes and communities across the continent face systematic violence, reflected in evictions, murder, prison, the disappeared, the exiled and repression, this situation can not continue, our people are not willing to follow feeling anxiety, despair, and sometimes wear state-sponsored terror and all that so far has involved the defense and existence of our people. We demand the immediate and unconditional release of 12 political prisoners of Atenco, the 5 Candelaria Campeche political prisoners demanded by the CFE and the immediate and unconditional release of all political prisoners and all indigenous and not the country, high harassment , threats and arrest warrants against the leaders of communities, nations, peoples, tribes and social organizations in the country.
For us, resistance is the other policy is the strengthening of the commonality of the autonomy of the integration of thought and our sense of identity of being Indian, it is our historical alternative is the path left is the result of our history, always resist is to conserve, be careful and remain, speaking our language, taking care of our children, our corn, caring way we teach, how we care for our Mother Earth, that's the other policy now together indigenous Mexicans non indigenous honest we should seek to remain the essence and the spirit of our people.
Our way of how we in the community is another government also where there is much to learn and practice a lot to return to our Indian National Congress, the House of all the Indian peoples of Mexico, we reiterate our practice and principles and the principles that should guide that a new anti-capitalist policy of all Mexicans from bottom left:
• Obey and do not command
• Download and upload
• represent and not supplant
• propose and not impose
• Convince and never expire
• To build and not destroy
• To serve and not serve.
Defending the territory is to defend the people
Self-defense of our people is a form of organization and action that we are looking for and exercise as a necessary step to defend and protect our autonomy, our life, our peoples, nations, communities, tribes and districts. Our self-defense is not subject to any international negotiation or government, is a resource of life for a good life in balance in our communities before the breakdown and corruption of the environment and irresponsible bodies of state security, national and international . Our self-defense is a good government for ourselves nominated, recognized and respected in the exercise of our right to self-determination as a people we are.
Ostula, Coire and Pomaro three Nahua village communities on the coast of Michoacán have been during these days the house and an example of autonomy of our Indian National Congress, we see people who are in them an example to maintain the strength that givescommunity. The country's indigenous peoples participating in the National Indigenous Congress express our solidarity and unconditional support in this process and struggle for autonomy as a people.
We urge the state government of Michoacan and federal compliance and the necessary guarantees for the functioning of community policing traditional Nahua indigenous people of Michoacán Coast Guard community and guarding the territory and the lives of communities in this town. Participants in this meeting, we spoke against any operational and raid police, military or paramilitary communities in the territory and peoples of the coast of Sierra Nahua de Michoacán.

We call upon all brothers and all of the Other National and International Campaign and the national and international civil society to be attentive to the processes and struggles against neoliberalism that indigenous peoples all over the country are implementing. This time the people and participate in the Assembly reject the highway project Coahuayana Lázaro Cárdenas and the Regional Tourism Development Plan Integral to the Costa de Michoacan, driven by federal and state governments and transnational corporations.
'Before now as far as before'
Gathered in Xayakalan
Pueblo Yaqui Tribe Nahua Pueblo Pueblo Purhépecha Nha Nhu
Binnizá Pueblo Pueblo Pueblo Coca Amuzgo Triqui People
Tlapaneco Pueblo Pueblo Pueblo Mixteco People Cuicateca Wixárika
People Mazahua

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