14 Jul 2010

Peruvian court annuls expulsion order against rainforest Priest McAuley

My only slight pang about this, is that given the lack of success the British left has shown over the last couple of decades, we could probably do with Fr Paul McAuley over here to resist the destruction of the NHS, welfare state and all the chaos/poverty about to be unleashed by having the Economist editorial team in government.

Nonetheless a victory. The Peruvian government work hard to destroy the rainforests, pollute the land and benefit the compredor elite and every time the people beat them back, while I may have said many unpleasant things about the Pope, at least some of his men in Peru are doing a great job....although don't forget the main force for good is a very well organised indigenous network Aidesep.

Vive Lucha Indigena! Viva Hugo Blanco! Viva La Selva! Viva Paul McAuley.

The Superior Court of Justice ruled today Loreto accept the habeas corpus of British Priest Paul McAuley against the deportation order issued by the Ministry of Interior.

McAuley was accused by immigration authorities of violating the rules imposed on foreign residents to promote protest and intervene in domestic politics.

"It was a pleasant surprise this morning when I received the notification that recognizes my right to free transit and will no longer be expelled ," said McAuley.

His lawyers immediately filed a habeas corpus alleging that the environmental group had not been properly notified nor had the right to defense and due process.

Hugo Blanco sent me this, original here

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