20 Jul 2010

Biance Jagger challenges Oliver Stone over 'South of the Border'

Went to the premiere yesterday. The high spot was the Q and A afterwards when Bianca Jagger challenged Oliver Stone to take on the corporations by making a film looking at the struggles of indigenous people against big oil, gas and mining.

She made particular mention of the Bagua massacre and the struggles in Peru. Hugo Blanco the movie, I think.

South of the Border is an informative and entertaining film, which I highly recommend. The best bit is Oliver Stone chewing coca leaves with Evo Morales. In just seven days Stone tracked down seven Latin American Presidents, representing the red tide sweeping the continent in the spirit of 'El Liberator' Simon Boliver.

Despite their differences they stressed the importance of independence from the USA.

A corrective to the bias US media that demonises or ignores different opinions.

Would have liked to have heard more from Fernando Lugo, the President of Paraguay, he did make the point that liberation theology was an important influence of political change and progress in Latin America.

I ought to take a serious look at liberation theology.

Lots happening in Latin America, with the Greens coming second in Colombia in recent elections and Brazillian Green Party candidate Marina Silva polling strongly, it is still the continent to watch.

Of course the big story has been the rise of the indigenous....do look out for indigenous leader Hugo Blanco who will be in the UK in September.

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