12 Jul 2010

Bring Cochabamba to the Green Party conference

Apologies if you are not a member of the Green Party of England and Wales, this is a bit of internal business. The following motion for our conference in Birmingham could fall off the agenda....if you haven't done so, so far if you are a member please use the priorisation ballot to support it so that it can be discussed! Deadline is this thursday!

If you don't know how this process works have a look at this advice from the Green Party HQ, which is obviously neutral and not pushing particular motions:

This special email from the Green Party has one purpose - to encourage you to have your say on what conference (the party's supreme decision-making body) will be debating in Birmingham in September.

There are lots of items on its agenda, so there won't be time for all to be considered.

That's where the
prioritisation ballot comes in. If you read the first agenda (PDF) you can identify the motions you favour, then simply and easily vote online in the balllot to help ensure they are considered. The ballot closes on THURSDAY at midnight.

The agenda is on the members' website - if you need the user name and password please
email me.

Natalie Bennett, Green Party internal communications coordinator

D54. World People’s

Conference on Climate


Proposed by: Nigel Rolland (**),

Trevor Clarke, Mike Smee, Jean

Smee, + 3 others.

Green Party Conference supports

the initiative taken by the organisers

of the first World People’s

Conference on Climate Change and

the Rights of Mother Earth which

took place in Cochabamba, Bolivia

between April 19th and 22nd, 2010.

Green Party Conference notes the

failure of the UN Copenhagen

conference to provide an inclusive

and transparent forum to address

the growing concerns about the

causes and effects of Global Climate


The Copenhagen Conference for

example excluded the climate

change lobby such as Friends of the

Earth International and other

organisations from many official

governmental meetings while the

corporate lobby were admitted.

The Cochabamba Conference in

contrast was a people-driven

process in the spirit of the World

Social Forums in which the

corporate lobby were the outsiders.

Green Party Conference notes that

while the Green Party of England

and Wales didnot participate directly

in the first World People’s

Conference on Climate Change, the

principles and aims of the

Cochabamba Conference were

mainly in accord with the philosophy

of the Green Party of England and


Green Party Conference agrees that

the Green party of England and

Wales will pro actively support and

participate in a future World People’s

Conference on Climate Change by

making provisions for Green party of

England and Wales members to

participate directly through

organising regional; events with

video and audio links and

encouraging our sister Green Parties

in Europe to also participate in a

future World People’s Conference on

Climate Change.

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