4 Jul 2010

Committee to defend rainforest priest Paul McAuley formed in Peru

A campaign has been launched in Peru to halt the extradition of Catholic priest Paul McAuley...just had this from a tweet by the Hollywood actress Q'orianka Kilcher...the rubbish translation is of course mine and googles. The indigenous in the Peruvian Amazon are of course well organised and have able support from indigenous outside of the forests and other supporters.

Peru: activities start in defense of Father Paul Mc Auley

A chain of solidarity has been born now against the cancellation of the residence in Peru's Father Paul Mc Auley from Britain.

A petition signed by communities of different indigenous people goes to President Alan Garcia, President of the Council of Ministers, the British Embassy and the media supporting his stay in the country.

The expulsion of Paul McAuley would be an outrage against "a person who fully identifies with the reality of the Loreto region and the problems of indigenous peoples and environment of our Amazon," the report said.

The media in Loreto Iquitos has provide coverage against the expulsion of McAuley, which it considers unjust.

One solidarity action was the establishment of a 'Committee to the Combat Exclusion of Paul McAuley' in Iquitos which held a vigil on Friday July 2nd vigil in the Plaza de Armas of Iquitos.

On Monday 5 July, a rally at 6:30 am (?) Plaza o Iquitos, located opposite the Palace of Justice to accompany the filing of a writ of Habeas Corpus.

On Wednesday July 7 there will be a citizen mobilization of solidarity that will leave from the Plaza July 28 at 3.30pm.

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