2 Jul 2010

Indigenous leader Alberto Pizango returns home to continue the fight for the Amazon

AIDESEP, July 1, 2010.

Accompanied by members of the Shawi, Cocama - Cocamilla Awajún and Achuar, the Apu Alberto Pizango Chota, president of AIDESEP, reached Yurimaguas and reiterated his demand that the indigenous people should have their decisions, ancestral customs respected

The government authorities, he insisted, must undertake sincre dialogue to understand that the development they propose is different from the development indigenous people want.

Accompanied by Denis Pashanase and Bladimiro Tapayuri, coordinators of the officers of dialogue between the government and PP.II.; Pizango reiterated that his return is to be made right, to prove his innocence of charges against him simply because he tells the truth and has been chosen by the people to raise their demands for an end to the contamination of their territories.

"Many people do not understand our concept of democracy: for us is a real democracy where people make decisions and we, their representatives, all we do is move it to the authorities to listen to us and know our opinions," he said.

(The video is about when on this return from exile Alberto was arrested, after an international campaign he was released)

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