8 Jul 2010

Caroline Lucas helps win reprieve for rainforest priest

'Thank you for your email and letting me know about this case. I have written personally to the Peruvian authorities and very much hope they will reconsider the decision to deport Brother Paul McAuley. I agree that he appears to be facing this treatment because of his extensive campaigning to protect the Amazon and its inhabitants and that it is important to take action to ensure his and other voices are not silenced.'
Caroline Lucas MP

International pressure mounted this week to support Fr Paul Mcauley who was being expelled by the Peruvian government because of his work support indigenous communities opposing rainforest destruction. The government suspended his eviction yesterday.

I have to thank Caroline Lucas MP and Lord Avebury for getting into action and writing to the Peruvian Ambassador about this case I am sure it helped.

As regular readers here know, I view the struggles of the indigenous in the Peruvian Amazon as inspiring and a splendid response to the threat of climate change....its my most important priority when it comes to environmental campaigning.

If you read Spanish please take a look at Aidesep the indigenous network in the Peruvian Amazon for news.

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