11 Jul 2010

MP too drunk to vote

Commons bars took a record £5,000 during the evening as taxpayer-subsidised Pimm’s, wine, beer and champagne flowed.

Witnesses said a ‘significant number’ of MPs who took part in the Budget vote were either drunk or under the influence of alcohol.

‘It was disgusting,’ said a female MP. ‘The chamber and the voting lobbies stank of booze and sweat.

Tory MPs drank heavily, verbally abused staff and generally made Britain look like a cut price banana regime run by over paid and out of control merchant bankers.

Still at least rather than voting through cuts in school building programmes and old peoples homes at least one 'member' was too pissed to vote at all.

Mark Reckless fell to the floor during a drinking session with other MPs and aides, and had to be carried out to a taxi - too drunk to vote.

The embarrassed former merchant banker and newly elected member for Rochester and Stood, observed '"I normally have just one or two. I don't remember falling over.

I pity Caroline Lucas having to work in the same environment as these idiots, I suppose at least they are only a minority, I am not convinced though that the quality of our parliamentarians is particularly high at present.

Mark blogs here and has been rather quiet about the extent to which taxpayers subsidised his recent adventure.


Adam said...

I find it even more shocking that some MPs, not being drunk, are nevertheless able to vote for the cuts. Would you call it sobriety?

Derek Wall said...

too true!

They are urinating on us from a great height.

Adrian Windisch said...

Guido blogged recently that despite Bercow promising to cut that out, its still the cheapest booze in town. So expect more drunk MPs.


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