9 Jul 2010

Greens win Brighton by-election, BNP loses in Barking

Well I was going to help with the Brighton by-election but unfortunately due to one thing and another including illness which is why I am awake at 4am incidentally, didn't make it.

Lizzie Dean (Green) - 1,816
Tom French (Lab) - 880
Rob Buckwell (Con) - 365
Trefor Hunter (Lib Dem) - 103
Gerald O'Brien - 32

Glad to see Lizzie Dean elected in the seat, which was Keith Taylor's before he moved on to become a Euro MP, with a massive majority.

The BNP sub-fuehrer has bombed in Barking with Labour increasing their vote, so more good news, it was thought that the fascists might creep back in details here.

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Novparl said...

Bet you're choked up about the Hermanos Castro liberating some writers. Incidentally the original trial was not reported by the wondrous Guardian in 2003.

I see ya now have comment moderation! Scared of free speech?

Doug Ford Jr has a message for Elizabeth May, Caroline Lucas and all the Greens!

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