4 Apr 2011

BNP 'fraction of candidates standing in this years elections'

The BNP are standing a fraction of candidates in this years local election compared with usual;

Leeds - 2 candidates. Down from over 30 last year
Sunderland - 0 candidates. Down from 27 candidates in 2007
Kirklees - 4 candidates. Down from 20 last year.
Oldham - 0 candidates.
Newcastle - 9 candidates. Down from 22 or 23 last year
Sandwell - 2 candidates. Down from 24 last year
Broxbourne - 0 candidates. Down from 10 last year and a full slate in 08.

I am not sure about the rest of the country but the person who gave me the figures above seems to have a point.

Locally they have no candidates in Windsor and Maidenhead and their General Election candidate, the cut price Albert Speer Peter Phillips was suspended and then resigned from the BNP.

Looks like the Nick Griffin civil war has taken its toll but don't dismiss the far right in British politics.

The right wing media are dominant and the politics of scapegoating is big news.

Griffin is well aware that economic chaos is likely to fuel his movement but the far right is very divided and the BNP certainly seems to be in decline at present.

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