28 Apr 2011

Repression rises as cops shut down community film in Bristol

One said " I always thought the police were to protect us, when they showed up in riot vans and clothes, then blocked all 3 exits to the park; I got to feel like a criminal. I just brought my son to watch a movie and involve him in community discussion"

Comment on St Werburghs film showing....yes we do live in a police state, look at all the secret police infiltrating activist groups and political parties!

Hey not as many secret police as Libya but quite a few.

Protest the Royal Wedding and you get clapped in irons.

Alfie Meadows injured by the police charged with assault.

Lots of lovely dictators at the wedding.

In Bristol show a dissident film and get rounded up....got keep tescopoly in power!

Incidentally lived in St Werburghs and fought Tescopoly in Bristol.

There seems to be a confrontation building in St Werburghs this evening. Police turned up and stopped the Occasional Cinema event in Mina Road Park, presumably because of the planned showing of the first full film on the Stokes Croft riot of 21st/22nd April.

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