23 Apr 2011

Nine Queens

Just rewatched 'Nine Queens' excellent Argentinean film about two con men.

A cast of interesting characters, lots of twists.

Gets you thinking too of the spectral nature of money and the way banks are rather more dangerous to most people than bank robbers.

Ok its got a narrative but shows you can have films beyond Planet Hollywood.

Watch and enjoy.

As this review from Novel Adventures (a pretty cool culture blog) notes it has something special:

Then there’s Buenos Aires, a gorgeous city. It has some dodgy areas, of course, but the architecture, plazas, gardens, and waterfronts give the Paris of the Americas a special beauty. None of this is clearly shown in Nueve Reinas which is a tad disappointing. It certainly would have been a great way to show the city at its best. But what this movie does do brilliantly is depict the Argentine sensibilities and humor while running with one storyline and having another, more complicated story, simmer just below the surface.


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