14 Apr 2011

The Green Party is marching steadily towards being a credible party

Some on the whole wise words from Green Party member Brian Orr, hey I am less pessimistic and I don't agree with him on population and I think we still have our roots (I know I do) but worth reading comments welcome!

The Green Party is marching steadily towards being a credible party
with a prospect of slowly becoming
a genuine factor in British politics (with AV being of zero
consequence here for the present).

Tragically this is the view, almost universally held within and
without the Green Party, as per the 99% prevailing
"business more or less as usual until the end of time" paradigm.

Never mind that the world's ecological footprint is currently
exceeding "sustainable income" by some 40% and growing.
Never mind that we are rushing headlong into a multiple tipping point
scenario of uncontrollable climate change with virtually
no signs of bringing our greenhouse gas emissions down.
Never mind the biggest economy in the world is looking like it may
have to default on Treasury bond returns.
Never mind the Chinese are engaged in a breath-taking land-grab and
minerals grab with Brazil, India and Russia
playing similar tunes at the same concert.
Never mind the world's population is accelerating with barely passing
concern in any government.
Never mind a billion of more of the world's poorest people are seeking
to overthrow the system of compliant
governments and ever expanding corporate influence (examples Great
Britain, India).

The Green Party is in the process of forgetting it's roots in pursuing
the prize of being an influential player in
the game of governing this country.

But this will not effect one jot the manifestations of the 'growth
disease' listed above. And when the pigeons come
home to roost, possibly in under a decade, quite a few will land on
the Green Party.

Does the UK have a recipe for the survival? One could do a lot worse
in terms of 'material reality' than follow the
prescription of the Centre for Alternative Technology's report "Zero
Carbon Britain 2030".

What would happen to the Green Party politically if it followed this
prescription? We would probably be wiped out electorally!
But we'd attract a whole army of people who have seen the light - and
we would regain our soul!

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