25 Apr 2011

'My mother was a suffragette' says oldest Green Party election candidate

Long time campaigner and Green party member, Edith East, is proud to be
standing for Medway council in next months full local election in her
home ward of Walderslade. She has been an activist most of her adult
life and this year volunteered to be the Green candidate in her ward.
Edith reaches a respectable 90 years old in October this year but feels
that age should not be a barrier in politics, any more than in other
walks of life.

Edith says "I know some people may not approve of me because of my age
but with age comes experience, so I have a lot of that!"

As well as being a Green party member Edith also supports Greenpeace
(she spent her 87 birthday on board the Rainbow Warrior when it came to
the Medway Towns), Amnesty International and CND. In fact Edith
regularly visited Greenham Common in support of the women camped out there.

Edith added "My mother was a suffragette so I suppose you could say
political activism is in my blood. I hope my standing encourages other
people, both young and old, to get involved in their local political scene".

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