6 Apr 2011

Hyper rich take to the streets demanding poor take a cut

Coalition of Resistance to Counter so-called 'Rally Against Debt'

The Coalition of Resistance - a broad campaign against cuts and privatisation – will be working with all anti-cuts campaigners to organise a Resist the Cuts counter-demonstration to the so-called ‘Rally Against Debt’ on 14 May 2011.

The official website for the ‘Rally Against Debt’ says it will be a ‘polite demonstration’, whose backers include some of the wackier far right elements such as the Tax-Payers’ Alliance, former UKIP advisers and free-schooler Toby Young.

Coalition of Resistance Chair, Romayne Phoenix, commented that “The TUC’s 500,000 March for the Alternative indicates the derision with which this coterie of fats cats and their acolytes will be met.”

College student and CoR supporter, Amy Dunne, said: “We are against debt too. We are against Government measures which will saddle us with debt for the rest of our lives. We didn’t cause this crisis. The solution lies in taxing the banks and the super-rich, not dismantling the welfare state.”

Vice-Chair Paul Mackney pointed out “Now we know why the police have been so ready with their kettles. The rich have been preparing a UK Tea Party gathering, like those of the potty far right in the USA.”

Those who wish to support the Coalition of Resistance event should consult the Facebook page – ‘14 May Resist the Cuts Counter-Demonstration’

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Atticus said...

Rather than giving more publicity to the pro-cuts march, wouldn't the best thing be for no-one to turn up?

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