5 Apr 2011

Young Greens back united left!

Just got this, good news, I have an article about the United Left and Mark Bergfeld going into the Morning Star....its very delayed because they have had a back log of stuff to cover around 26th March.

The Young Greens are left and full of fire and inspiration!

The Young Greens, the youth branch of the Green Party, have announced that they are endorsing the ‘United Left Slate’ in the upcoming NUS Full-time Officer elections during NUS conference 2011.

Marek Powley, Co-Chair of The Young Greens, said:

"The United Left Slate has made it clear that they stand for a principled belief in free education. They have also continually spoken against the victimisation of student protesters since the NUS backed demonstration on the 10th November and have unnervingly supported peaceful direct action. The Young Greens wholeheartedly share these values and would therefore recommend that NUS delegates consider voting for The United Left Slate.”

He also spoke about the future involvement of the Young Greens in the NUS:

"We hope this will be the start of a more significant involvement for Young Greens in the NUS. We very much look forward to working much more closely with those in the NUS who support our principles.”

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