British Arms Export Licences to the Middle East in revolt

British Arms Export Licences to the Middle East in revolt.

Jan 2009-Sept 2010

Assault rifles, components for combat aircraft, small arms ammunition, submachineguns, weapon sights, aircraft cannon, shotguns, rifles, sniper rifles, CS gas hand grenades, smoke hand grenades, stun grenades, smoke ammunition, smoke canisters, teargas and riot control agents

Training in small arms ammunition, machineguns, imaging cameras, parts for armoured personnel carriers, parts for grenade launchers, submachinegun parts, electronic warfare equipment, parts for semi-automatic pistols, unfinished products for armoured fighting vehicles and weapon night sights

Equipment employing cryptography (secret code systems) and small arms ammunition

Parts for assault rifles and machineguns, training in small arms ammunition and components for semi-automatic pistols

Body armour, components for body armour, night vision goggles, military camera technology and parts

Artillery computers, combat shotguns, teargas, military cargo vehicles, ground vehicle military communications equipment, command communications control and intelligence equipment, infrared and thermal imaging technology, crowd control ammunition and small arms ammunition


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