5 Apr 2011

Climate Change: Why Nuclear Power is not the answer.

Martin Empson has brought out a new edition of his anti-nuclear pamphlet. Its an essential tool, I would have thought for any green activist or for that matter anyone who wants to see a safe future for human beings.

Nuclear, despite the Fukuyshima disaster, is back on the agenda. Hundreds of new nuclear power stations are being built currently and more are on the way.

It is claimed to be clean and a solution to climate change.

This pamphlet neatly skewers the key arguments for this poisonous power.

Nuclear power is for ever. Earthquakes and other disasters may be rare. But the time spans involved are so vast that chance is transformed into something like horrible certainty.

Nuclear waste is a huge problem.

Mining the uranium destroys the environment and human communities particularly indigenous communities.

The technology is closely linked to nuclear weapons production.

Uranium is a finite resource and the production cycle is not carbon free.

Key facts and arguments are here with a strong section on how alternatives from conservation to renewables can fill the energy gap.

Empson makes the point that capitalism rejects sane solutions and only deep seated social change will achieve a green future.

Buy this pamphlet, use it and spread the word.

Absolutely essential.

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