3 Apr 2011

Increased repression of women in Saudi to please Al Qaeda and ultra fundamentalists

Just saw this on Saudi womens blog....the UK and US dare not criticise the worlds most repressive state because of their love of oil and arms deals.

Shockingly the Wahbbists are obssessed with their intolerant and mad interpretation of Islam that has nothing to do with the Prophet Mohammed's pro-women views.

Anyway support the Saudi women and oppose the oil soaked tyrants including our own leaders!

Another blast from the past is that women again will be banned from voting. The municipality elections were announced to start on April 23rd and it was confirmed that women will be completely excluded from the process. For a country that states that it’s constitution is the Quran, excluding women does not fit in with the statement; the Prophet (PBUH) and later caliphs took pledges of leadership (very close to the concept of voting) from both women and men. These are the second elections to take place in the kingdom, and the first excluded women too under the pretense that the logistics of including women and avoiding gender mingling would postpone the elections too long. This was six years ago, and all these years obviously have not been enough time to prepare for the impossible task of actually treating women as full citizens.


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