12 Apr 2011


I can't really do design, although thanks to P for making this blog look passable, so I do love a good looking blog.

Take a look at teifidancer which is beautiful and pushes thing a little I feel.

Always had a soft spot for snails since I used to look at dead neolithic ones when I was an archaeologist

Resist the order
celebrate diversity
shake rattle and roll
and all that jazz.
through the night
toss the closed heart
through smashed windows.
Make rythyms
from recycled howls
join the dots
that until now have been
Follow whimper
the bark of the moon
from the straight path
leave reason alone,
it will find you
if it must.
Swallow oblivion,
inhale poison,
run wild,
catch fire.
Slip from the sky
false gods,
false starts,
become your own paradise
strangle power.
Abandon all positions,
echoe the resonance
liberate every enemy
renounce war.



teifidancer said...

wow, thanks

Derek Wall said...

No, wow to you, very nice looking and interesting blog.

Been taking an interest in arts/politics intersection so thank you!

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