5 Apr 2011

Today 5.30pm Tower Hamlets Uncut invite you on a 'guided tour' of Canary Wharf.

Set in the historic heart of London's east end, Canary Wharf is an up-and-coming destination for international finance. With tax avoidance, bonus bonanzas and financial mismanagement, there really is something for everyone.

Join workers and residents of Tower Hamlets for this fun and informative tour. We will take you inside some of the leading banks for the authentic 'Canary Wharf experience'. Highlights include:

- The world HQ of Barclays Bank: serial tax avoiders, bonuses £3.4 billion

- The world HQ of HSBC: 253 of its staff got more than £1 million each in 2010

- US tax dodgers Bank of America and Citigroup

- Corporate law firm Allen and Overy: clients include BAE systems and vulture funds.

The tour departs at 5.30 from Canada Square (Canary Wharf tube or DLR). Look out for the tour guide with the umbrella. Bring something loud and a strong sense of justice.


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