17 Apr 2011

Murdoch media attacks the Green Party

While Palestinian, Israeli and international non-violent protesters who
march against Israel’s policies in the Occupied Territories are
literally showered in sewage, beaten, arbitrarily arrested and sometimes
killed by Israeli forces, the battle against non-violent resistance has
taken its own ugly form in Australia.

Supporters of the non-violent global boycott, divestment and sanctions
(BDS) movement — especially members of the Greens — have been subjected
to abuse in a deliberate national campaign of misinformation and slurs
orchestrated against them. It has questioned their values and integrity
and falsely accused them of anti-Semitism.

The war on BDS is part of a concerted effort to sabotage Palestinian and
Israeli non-violent resistance against Israel’s 43-year-old illegal
occupation and its 63 years of discrimination against non-Jewish Israeli

Full article at http://links.org.au/node/2269


Anonymous said...

yeah, good point.

If only some jew-hating group would wipe them off the face of the Earth then all would be well in the world.

Derek Wall said...

the racist trolls are back, delete I think in future!

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