24 Apr 2011

Oppose racist 'March for England' 11am, Brighton station, today

If you want to celebrate St George's Day then go and have a picnic on the Downs somewhere. Despite what you may think no group of 'Muslamics' is going to descend on you to stop you celebrating.
DON'T march through our town, we don't want it and despite what you say you are only doing it to be confrontational. You're all about as 'patriotically English' as Adolf Hitler. You want to raise money? Rent a hall and have a jumble sale.

comment from local resident

St Georges day is fine, the man was a very multi-cultural icon, a Palestinian who opposed Roman rule if I have my history right for an emergency blog on a sunday morning.

However St Georges day has tend to fall close of Hitler's Birthday and has long been a day for the ultra racist right to rally.

They seem to be trying to make this an annual event in Brighton.

Anti-racists are assembling at 11am this morning at Brighton rail station to oppose the 'March for England', if you can please join them.

Video of Sieg Heiling March for England supporters is from last yer

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