11 Apr 2011


Nice statement, once wrote a book with Penny, thats a while back now! The Green Party Press office does good work

Green politics across Europe received a boost as
a new poll indicated that the German Greens have overtaken the Social
Democrats as Germany's largest opposition party. The figures from the
independent poll put the party at 28%, and mean that if a national election
were held today Germany would likely have its first Green Chancellor.

Penny Kemp, Environment spokesperson for the Green Party of England and
Wales said,

"These polls in Germany show people en masse are looking to
the Greens as a real alternative. In England too, Greens are the real
opposition to the tired and discredited policies we see today. Polls here
show that people are desperately concerned with the public spending cuts
and the threatened job losses.

"Greens have put forward plans to ensure
that the annual £42 billion of tax avoidance is collected, a bankers
windfall tax is put in place, and that jobs are created in the renewable
energy sector and energy conservation. These jobs would ensure future
energy security for Britain. We can do this without nuclear power, which
cannot be relied upon, as recent events have shown."

Given the expression
of similar concerns in Britain as elsewhere on the continent, and broad
disapproval of coalition cuts, Greens are anticipating a strong result in
the upcoming local elections.

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