19 Mar 2011

Aaron Porter, disgraced NUS President, loses bid to become Leicester South MP

UPDATE: Porter didn't make it on to short list, see here

Jon Ashworth is the Labour Party candidate for Leicester South.

I am not sure how much intervention there is from the NEC, I am guessing if you
won as a socialist you would be cut out by them?

Can the left take part in internal Labour Party contests?

How do the short lists work?

I was shocked that John McDonnell MP failed twice to get
on the ballot paper for Labour leader.

I am not just having a go, all on the left, would benefit from a more left wing Labour Party.

In other news Jenny Jones is the Green Party candidate for London Mayor.

Comments welcome on this!

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Carl R said...

The Labour left has some kind of sado-masochistic thing going on with the central hierarchy which is still dominated by the Right of the Party. But it's also worth remembering that the balance promises to shift in the next couple of years as Ed Miliband brings in his own people (as eventually happened in Leicester). The appointment of the Party's new General Secretary will be the big indicator of this and may signal a flush of the organisational structure. This will probably not be a 'step-change' - but will allow more space for left ideas to penetrate. Personally, it's all far too slow for me, especially looking at what the Coalition is doing, and the state of the PLP - but that's the way it is for now.

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