4 Mar 2011


I would vote for Andy if I was a London member, good long standing Green Party member and one of the few to increase our vote in a tough general election.
As you may well know, a selection process is underway for the Green Party list for the London Assembly elections in 2012. Some GLL members are standing, some have already posted their campaign statements on this list. For those who have a vote in this election, here is information about my candidacy.

I am not asking you to favour a particular candidate, but to trust your judgement and vote based upon my statement. If you feel that it is the best option, vote for me as number 1.

Statements have gone out for all candidates with the ballot papers. Some have also been able to afford to produce leaflets. I have not been able to do so, but have a blog site up.
Some have actively sought endorsements, I have not. I have pledges of support and votes from many comrades. If any comrades wanted to send me endorsements they are welcome.

Please visit my campaign blog. Here you can see my statement, and why I will be standing on a worker's wage.

Find me on facebook:
http://www.facebook.com/#!/pages/Andy-Hewett-for-the-GLA/132239216843224?v=wallI will be at the hustings tomorrow at Green Party Office, 1pm

In solidarity

I believe the strength of the Green Party is that it links environmental and social justice. I am standing for the Assembly to aim to bring those radical, dynamic politics to London.

I was proud to stand on our 2010 general election manifesto as Parliamentary Candidate for Greenwich and Woolwich. With the help of my local party I managed one of the better Green Party votes in London. I believe we can be more successful in the Assembly elections if we offer Londoners a truly alternative vision.

That means campaigning for affordable public transport – and challenging the mayor's plans to end the Western Congestion Zone and hike up public transport fares.

That means arguing for bike hire in the areas where Londoners live.

That means arguing for well-insulated affordable housing for all Londoners. We must work to reduce the scandalous amount properties standing empty in London and to increase the social housing stock. We must oppose housing benefit cuts which will lead to Londoners losing their homes and having to leave their communities.

We must defend equalities, protecting the democratic rights and civil liberties of Londoners – without fear from assault due to race, gender, sexuality or disability – and freedom to protest without draconian policing.

London needs investment in health, education, housing and transport. Reduced investment impacts most on young people, women and people from ethnic minorities.

We must be an anti-cuts and anti-privatisation party, supporting Londoners whenever they challenge cuts to services – be it students demonstrating against tuition fees and the abolition of EMA, or tube workers defending their jobs, terms and conditions.

I support efforts by Londoners to establish small local concerns and to manage them co-operatively, for example local food growing projects. However, the language of co-operation and mutualism cannot be used to camouflage damaging reductions in our public services.

I pledge to oppose public sector cuts. I will support workers and trade unions in their fight for jobs, pay and conditions, and not cross picket lines.

I have served the Green Party on both GPeX and GPRC, and at the European Green Party working on the social dimension of the Green New Deal. I am Co-Chair of the Green Party Trades Union Group and on the Coalition of Resistance national Steering Committee.

I have worked with campaigns supporting migrant workers and against police violence. I am fully active in my local anti-cuts campaign and supported students and Young Greens in the recent demonstrations against fees and cuts.

I currently live in Lambeth and am a part-time student at Lambeth College. Previously I worked in retail and e-commerce for twelve years but having suffered redundancy I also understand the hardships faced by those on benefits.

Originally from South Wales, I gained an MA in Zoology and have lived in South London since 2004. I am a member of the GMB union, and CAMRA. I enjoy music and reading, and am a member of the Swansea City FC Supporters' Trust.

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Jack Mcglen said...

Anyone who supports CAMRA swings it for me!

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