23 Mar 2011

TUC ban Caroline Lucas MP from speaking

The only politician to have been given a platform at the 26 March anti-cuts rally in London is Ed Miliband. Miliband wrote Labour's 2010 election manifesto, which promised the same cuts as the coalition, but over 6 years, not 4 1/2. People are marching on 26 March for a different kind of politics, not for Ed. Why isn't Caroline Lucas allowed to speak?

Because the TUC don't want to give a platfom to anyone but the neo Labour.

TUC fail!

Sample letter here


Dear Mr Barber,

As a member of a local branch of UNISON, a member of political party and an anti-cuts campaigner, I was shocked and appalled to hear that Ed Milliband MP is the only speaker from a political party on the 26th March. I am utterly ashamed and disgusted by this sectarian move to allow a platform for political speech only to the leader of a political party that has been advocating cuts, lead the way to the privatization of our beloved public services for over a decade & publicly spoke out against the march.

Caroline Lucas MP is the one sane voice in parliament, calling for the end of tax evasion, abolishing trident, bringing the troops home from Afghanistan and increases in taxation on the rich. These are the policies the TUC should be supporting.

It seems that this isn't going to be a march for an alternative after all, but a march for more failed policies and favors a particular political party. I am writing to urge you to reconsider your decision because trade unions using the anti-cuts movement to promote a single party is a failure to pluralistic politics, slavery to the conservative ideological of a lot of Labour policies and simply and truly un-trade unionist.

It is an utter shame and disgrace on the TUC to have acted in such a manner.

Stuart Jeffery


Elise said...

Email info@tuc.org.uk to demand she's allowed to speak.

Suggested wording for the email: "In the interests of justice, equality and democracy, please let Caroline Lucas MP speak at the March for the Alternative on Saturday 26th March."

Captain Haddock said...

Sorry, but I can't say I'm surprised.

I useed to be in a union when I worked for the Council. Their only concern was scoring cheap political points, and doing everything they could to ensure that Labour got re-elected.

Honestly, when Labour were in charge, the council could piss over our working conditions and rights - as far as the union was concerned, this was ok.

In my experience, unions - in this country at any rate - are nothing to do with workers, but a money raising system for the Labour party, and a platform to jump from for wannabe Labour Party politicians.

Pit Stop said...

might have something to do with the unsavoury people she has shared platforms with in the past?

Derek Wall said...


Anonymous said...


presumably sharing a platfrom with several Hamas members and the Hams leader, who said: “After we defeat the Zionists we will persecute them… we will persecute them to eternity, and the sun of the freedom and independence of the Palestinians will burn all of the Zionists,”

There are other, much worse quotes of course, but I guess a moderate one will do?

Derek Wall said...

I think to claim that this is anything to do with the TUC is entirely mad.

The aim to attack those who support Palestine so that its easier for the IDF to kill them, the usual spurious chain of x said y about z who said f about w.

Anonymous said...


The aim is to attack those who wish to exterminate the jews. Then the queers. etc.

Of course, far from all Palestinians wish to do this, but their elected representatives certainly have that aim. I wouldn't have anything to do with such fascists regardless of my views on Israel.

Derek Wall said...

Amazing how you can troll a thread about March 26th.

Really proud of Caroline.

I agree that Hamas are bad news but you want demonise people like Caroline so they don't do Palestine solidarity.

Then your mates in the IDF can kill more people in Palestine.

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