19 Mar 2011

Zizek and Lady Gaga play joint gig (5pm, 22nd March) in support of strike

I mean I looovveee Lady Gaga, especially her gaytastic pop tunes but is she really coming out on strike with yours truly and the other UCU members....we shall see, just had this (below) which claims she is and will be jamming with Zizek.

I do think sexuality is cultural as well as 'natural' and I don't go for the meat dress, nonetheless....Zizek is great as well.

On Tuesday 22nd and Thursday 24th March the lecturers' union UCU will be on strike.

We ask that students and staff do not cross picket lines on those days, and in general not to take part in any academic activities on campus on these days.

There will also be a rally at 12:30 in Torrington Square (just outside Birkbeck) and most excitingly at 5pm there will be a teach-out on cuts and the university with speakers including special guests LADY GAGA and SLAVOJ ZIZEK, who are both great supporters of the strike.

The strikes have been called because university employers are attempting to reduce the pension benefits provided to university and college lecturers. But though this is an unacceptable attack on pay and conditions, for most UCU members this is about more than pensions. Like students, UCU members think that cuts to the education grant and the new fees are unacceptable. These strikes allow them to demonstrate their discontent in the run up to the huge march to defend public services called for March 26th..


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Anonymous said...

yes, sexuality certainly is not natural. in nature, humans reproduce by cloning

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