16 Mar 2011

London Libyan Embassy roof occupied

Phoned up by the Today programme ten minutes ago to ask if I knew them.

Alas not.

Not good to be woken at 7.19 rather than 7.30 but good to be woken with good news.

The news from Libya has on the whole been grim but Libyans are fighting Gadaffi and we must support them.

However Cameron can fuck off, no no fly zone for Gaza when Israel killed with impunity and still arming Saudi as they invade Bahrain, he is an oil addict not an ethical politician.


Anonymous said...


I have won £10 betting with my mate that you would mention Israel today.

Cheers Derek.

Derek Wall said...

and I am sure Gadaffi would love to bet on my mentioning of Libya.

Israel is a racist state, heavily armed and kills with impunity, so using race to discourage criticism is common.

Notice you are anon Zionist troll, bet Gadaffi would love to say criticism of his government is racist against Libyans.

Any way your banned and I will blog about what I like including Israel.

Anonymous said...

Jesus, you're grammar is fucking atrocious. Too much spitting of bile perhaps?

I'm not a Zionist you clown, just a working class English boy from the north who likes to pop the pretentious bubbles of people like you, who like many middle class wets, when it comes down to it are no better at spotting a fascist than the idiots who caught Albert Speer.

Anyway, you're needed up on the roof. Viva la revolucion eh?

Derek Wall said...

I do get a lot of bile from anonymous supporters of Israel, like everyone else who dares to criticise the IDF!

weggis said...

The real question is whether Derek is as lax with his potions as he is with his spells?

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