26 Mar 2011


Just had this from Schnews, so you later people

Wednesday's budget was another banker-friendly cop-out, with a
cut in corporation tax (like they don't make enough from tax
avoidance...), designed to encourage the multi-nationals to set up in
the UK, while ordinary people feel the brunt of the spending cuts. The
freezes in fuel and aviation tax may be a PR-friendly concession for
the Ford Focus, Florida holidaying classes, but the massive anti-cuts
sentiment has been once again ignored by the Con-dems.

Don't despair though, on Saturday 26th March the TUC will be
leading the masses into the revolution. The so-called 'March for
The Alternative' will gather on Victoria Embankment from 11am
aiming to arrive in Hyde Park shortly around 1:30pm for a speech by
Milliband the Younger. You can then get a coach home and vote Labour
at the next available opportunity, after all it's about time
they had a turn.

If that's not quite enough for you there are a number of other
activities that are planned, however 'There are no official
feeder marches!' so don't get carried away by ideas of
autonomy or empowerment. Despite this here's a run-down of just
some of the fun things to do in London:

The Radical Workers' bloc will assemble 11am Kensington Park,
11.30am march over Westminster Bridge, 12pm march to Hyde Park.
Nearest tube Oval. See www.afed.org.uk

The Education bloc (including militant workers' and anarchist
blocs) will assemble 10am Universtiy of London Union, Malet St.
Apparently anarcho types should follow the banners and sound-systems
which will end up at Oxford St. at 2pm. Nearest tube Goodge St. (more
info see www.studentassembly.org.uk)

'Occupy For the Alternative' called by UK Uncut, will form
up at 11.30am at the National Theatre on the South Bank, heading to
Oxford St. for 2pm for a variety of occupations and actions, then
gathering at Oxford Circus for a mass occupation of a top secret
target. Nearest tube Oxford Circus. (more info see www.ukuncut.org.uk)

Pink and Black Bloc called by Queer Resistance. Soho Square, London
W1D, 10am moving off 10.30am to Cambridge Circus then on to the main
march. Nearest tube Tottenham Court Rd.

Dissident feeder march Cable Street, E1, 11am. Nearest tube Shadwell
or Aldgate East.

Women's bloc. Meet 10am Royal Courts of Justice, The Strand.
Wear purple and green bring noise making equipment. Nearest tube
Temple. For more details Twitter @WACLon or call 07582288913 on the

North London feeder march Lincoln Inn Fields at 11am. Nearest tube
There'll be an IWW rally by Park Lane fountain, Hyde Park

Missed out on getting busted at Earl St? Get down to the Big Society
HQ - a squatted convergence space at 61 Curzon Street and you too
could win a stale pasty and £3,500 courtesy of the Met. Nearest
tube Green Park. (more info see http://reallyfreeschool.org)

Resist 26! (Chris Knight - see SchNEWS nutter-alert 942) are calling
for 'peoples occupation' of Hyde Park. They want people to
bring sound-systems, car batteries, lighting, food etc. (see

All in all expect heavy policing, intrusive surveillance, stewards
collaborating with police, confusion, chaos, kettling and just
possibly something to make the day worth while. See you on the

* See Indymedia.org.uk for a full listing of the day's action.

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