5 Mar 2011

Urgent Solidarity with occupation of Porcupine Elderly Meals Building!

Just got this from Rowland

PORCUPINE, PINE RIDGE INDIAN NATION, S. Dak. — The Porcupine Elderly Meals Building has been peacefully taken and is now occupied. Oglala President John Steele and Vice President Leonard Poor Bear have finally promised a full hearing for the elders and have said the tribal police will not attempt to take back the building. Despite this, the occupation will not leave until ALL demands are met and we are prepared for retaliation on the center at any time.

We need URGENT solidarity action to support this occupation for its full length:

1. We need people with a good heart who can participate alcohol and drug free to join us in the occupation in support of the elders and warriors. If you can’t come – maybe you know someone who can. We need bodies.
2. We need food, bottled water, and other temporary supplies to support those occupying the building.
3. We expect the utilities to be cut off to the building at any time. We have generators but we need gas to run the generators and to also shuttle elders and supporters between locations.
4. Despite the promises of President Steele and Vice President Poor Bear – we need you to keep calling them and letting them know people are watching and expecting them to keep their word. Tell them you support all the occupation demands including the construction of a new sanitary, elderly building and a full investigation into corruption no matter where it leads. President John Yellow Bird Steele (605) 441-6350 Vice-President Thomas Poor Bear (605) 441-6365 You can also try to reach them at (605) 867-5821 extension 268 via tribal council secretary Rhonda Two Eagle. Send council emails through Rhonda at: Rhonda@oglala.org
5. Keeping spreading the word – you are making a difference:
Spread this news across Indian Country to your friends and relations.
Contact Native, local, and progressive media and tell them to cover this story. Democracy Now!, Al Jazeera English and Free Speech TV are three good outlets to target as are local TV stations. Be respectful but insistent. We need coverage.
If you have supplies, debit cards, or want to join the occupation, please call Duane Martin Sr. at 605-454-0449. If you cannot reach Duane after a reasonable time, please email us at the “Lakota Oyate” facebook page or cantetenza13@gmail.com. We will provide another on-the-ground contact number on Saturday morning.


Wowasakeikcupi – We are taking back the way.

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