27 Mar 2011

Green Party's Adam Ramsay still in police cells for Fortnum and Mason protest

I believe Adam Ramsay is still in police cells after taking part in a totally non violent UK Uncuts protest yesterday at Fortnum and Mason.

The judicial system protects the corporations and the mass media largely acts to support the elite.

Hope he is free soon.

Buy the man a drink.

A great example of what really political greens should be doing.

Bright Green Scotland that he contributes to goes from strength to strength.



Rachel said...

Yep, hope hes out, or out soon as possible. Main march fine, I did get one or two curious/startled looks from police as was wearing robin hood mask and hat, but, no problems! I guess police/press can cope with A-B march if they choose to, just, but dont understand/cant understand other non-v direct actions.
Saw one v stupid newsperson connecting Ed speaking, trying to blame him somehow to "violence" in oxford st. Lets hope no more of that as shall then be forced to defend Ed, not something I want to waste a second on.
One point though, reports say 4,000 police for more than quarter of a million, BUT for caged Lib-Dem conference,in Sheffield, 5000 protesters, they had 2000 police. Clearly us in Sheffield are very very dangerous/scary people, i never realised we were that bad!
Cheers! Rachel

Anonymous said...

Solidarity with Adam Ramsay from Wales, from one unable to go on yesterday's demo but supporting you all in spirit. Hope you're out soon, Adam.

Adam Ramsay said...

Thanks Derek - out now, enjoying a whisky with friends :-)

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...


when you see him next, ask him for the £40,000 the family got off the taxpayer to purchase a boiler please.

Derek Wall said...

I can see he is doing something right given the abuse from trolls.

Anyone fuck off troll, must start deleting more!

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