9 Mar 2011

Gaddafi's Hampstead home occupied by squatters

There is a move by Nick Clegg to make squatting illegal, no doubt the increasingly nasty party of British politics the Lib Dems, will laugh at the homeless entering our increasingly bitter winters on the streets rather than warm in other wise empty homes.

So really good to see the squatters fighting back and for a cause that is even better than Red Nose Day.

A group called 'Topple the Tyrants' have occupied the Hampstead home of the Gadaffi family.

Why not pay a visit to 7 Winnington Close Hampstead, London, NW3! or send the occupiers a good luck message topplethetyrants@hotmail.com

The eight-bedroom Georgian-style house with swimming-pool and sauna is owned by Saif Gadhaffi who used to turn up in the middle of the night with a fleet of black cars.

He was rumoured to find writing his phd thesis so stressful that he had to make emergency calls to Professor Anthony Giddens and ship him over.

Great to see this action! All of the homes of the tyrants and mobsters can be seized and put to good use.

This is what the topplers have said today:

"We didn't trust the British government to properly seize the Gaddafi regime's corrupt assets, so we took matters into our own hands."

"The British government only recently stopped actively helping to train the Libyan regime in "crowd control" techniques, through the Department for Business Innovation and Skills and a midlands based arms manufacturer, NMS Systems. As well as training the regime in repression, British corporations are also guilty of providing the same weapons that are now being used by Gaddaffi against the Libyan people."

The mansion is managed by Gaddaffi through a holding company registered in the British Virgin Islands. The spokesman for occupiers said "Gaddafi, Mubarak, the House of Saud and numerous other tyrants use front companies in British protectorates to avoid paying tax and above all to protect their anonymity. Britain actively assists tyrants, corporations and the super rich to rob their people blind. Our aim is to make sure that the assets stolen by Gaddafi are returned to the Libyan people and don't disappear into the pockets of governments or corporations. In the meantime we want to welcome refugees from the conflict in Libya and those fleeing tyranny and oppression across the world."



Anonymous said...

Magnificent natural justice.

Patrick Haseldine said...

Topple the Tyrants are presumably students at the LSE?

Sean Thompson said...


Anonymous said...

i did the tiling in this house :-)

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