15 Mar 2011


Political parties don't always do what they say on the tin, social justice can sadly sometimes mean injustice!

I do however love this! Hello Deptford!

16 March · 12:00 - 22:30
Occupied Deptford Job Centre
Deptford High Street
London, United Kingdom
Created by:

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We will be opening our doors to say “HELLO DEPTFORD” on Wednesday afternoon and evening to coincide with market day. We will be offering you food, films and discussion all day.

The programme is as follows:

12-2pm Lunchtime café: bring your own food or share some of ours

6-7pm Open doors: come in for a cuppa and a chat, before…

7pm Short films:

Lewisham Bridge Occupation (4 mins)
Deptford Tribute (25 mins)

Two short films about the recent history of Deptford and its surrounding area There will also be an evening café with more food.

8pm Hollywood blockbuster:

School of Rock

the cinema night will end with Jack Black's hilarious, family friendly comedy!

Any questions, come and knock on the door or email us at socialcentreplus@gmail.com.

Donations and press welcome.

See you all then!


The Occupiers



We have occupied the disused Deptford Job Centre as a response to the brutal cuts to public services being carried out at both a local and national level. We aim to clean the place up and convert it into Social Centre Plus: a new public space for members of the local community here in Deptford and the surrounding area, that we can share, contribute to, and create a truly social building and a hub of local opposition to the cuts programme.

This is a self-organised space, run by people from a variety of backgrounds and we are not in any political parties.

We have taken the space in order to also demonstrate our resistance to the cuts Mayor Steve Bullock and his Labour cronies, under the orders of the Tories in Westminster, are promising us. The Council aims to slash £88 million off of its budget within the next four years. Libraries, day care centres and early years centres will all be closed while we have to suffer from pay cuts and price rises.

However, we believe that we can and must fight back. We have seen the results of mass, popular revolt in Egypt, Tunisia, Libya and its surrounding region, as well as militant action by students against the coalition government here in the UK. We want Social Centre Plus to be a catalyst for social and political change based on the principles of direct action, solidarity and self-organisation.

That said, we want this to be a free space for the community to use and we invite everyone inside with their ideas for the building and the wider world, or even just to chat over a cuppa. We plan cafés, film nights, workshops, and a million other things on which we’d love to hear your ideas!


EMAIL: socialcentreplus@gmail.com
TWITTER: @deptfordplus


Anonymous said...

can you take the names off of this post please. A mistake was made in the privacy of the event. Cheers.

Derek Wall said...

there you go!

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