24 Mar 2011

Keep safe, bust card and legal advice for March 26th

Legal Defence & Monitoring Group [LDMG]
Please forward urgently to your members, and to all anti-cuts networks throughout London and the UK

March 26 Demonstration
Some important legal information for all contingents

Please see attached a copy of the Bust Card for March 26. Please print it out (2 sided / 8 per A4 sheet) and distribute to all members of your contingent.

Legal Observers in orange bibs with 'Legal Observer' written on them will distribute 50,000 extra Bust Cards on March 26th. These Legal Observers are volunteers and are totally independent from the police and march organisers. They will be there solely in support of those attending the demonstration. Please note that there will also be Legal Observers from 'Liberty' wearing green bibs who will be 'monitoring' the events generally, but NOT doing legal support work.

Due to the scale of the event the Legal Observers handing out Bust Cards will not be able to reach all those participating, so they are sending out this important information in advance - please forward to your members and networks throughout the UK.

We advise every group and contingent to chose a Legal Support person from one of their members attending. Such a person could distribute Bust Cards to colleagues and others nearby (please print out plenty of copies of the attachment to distribute). They should carry a note book and ensure, in the event of any arrest or police harassment of marchers, that:

- information is collated (eg. name/description of person, time, place, ID nos of police involved and any aggressive behaviour by them)
- witnesses identified and contact details taken
- good legal representation is arranged (see the recommended solicitors' phone numbers on the Bust Card)
- follow-up support offered by your group if needed in the days/weeks after the demonstration.

Such information should be held in confidence, used solely for the purpose of supporting a participant, and should be shared only with them and their legal representative for that purpose.

* * * * * * * * * * * *

March 26th
[Extended version]

If you are arrested
- You have the right to free legal advice at the police station
- You have the right to have someone notified you’re in custody
- You have the right to read the PACE code of practice C which lists all your rights
- You have a right to silence. Say “No Comment” to all questions in a police interview
- An appropriate adult must be called to the police station if you appear to be under 17.

Recommended solicitors (please note the phone numbers)
Bindmans 0207 833 4433
Hodge Jones and Allen 07659 111 192

Legal Advice - Stop and Search
- Before searching you a Constable must give you their name and police station, the power they are searching you under and the reason they are searching you.
- You do not have to give your name and address or answer police questions under any stop and search power.
- If you witness an arrest, write down what happened as soon as possible afterwards. Court cases may take place months or even years later so it’s vital you record what happened while it’s fresh in your memory.

Other support
On the day if you witness an arrest or want support contact our Legal Support office: 07946 541 511.
The office will be active as long as needed.

For more info on the law and the groups producing this Bust Card
- Legal Defence and Monitoring Group: http://www.ldmg.org.uk/- Green And Black Cross: http://greenandblackcross.org/legal

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