10 Mar 2011

Conservatives try to kill historic tree in Windsor

The Windsor and Maidenhead Council have decided to cut down a beautiful tree in Windsor to save money.

There is nothing wrong with the tree.

The council knowing that this would appall local residents have given just three days notice.

When I hear more I will let you know.

Local residents are mobilising, I think they should occupy the tree and start blogging!

Just seen this:

I write having just learned that this local landmark -- voted "most popular tree" by Windsorians only
a few years ago in a competition organised by the Windsor & Eton Society -- is due to be felled on Friday
11 March 2011. It would appear that public notification, attached to the tree itself, was installed sometime

This beautiful tree is one of the noteworthy living monuments to Windsor's heritage in the town centre
and is considered to be irreplaceable by many residents. I have a fairly detailed understanding of the issues
relating to trees, buildings and subsidence through direct experience, and have spoken with Helen Leonard
this morning to confirm that this is indeed the context in which the decision was taken to remove this tree,
the cost of repairs/underpinning the adjacent residence being considered too great a financial burden for
the Council to bear.

Whilst I appreciate very keenly the difficult position in which the Council finds itself in relation to this tree,
it is concerning that little general public notice appears to have been given to this matter. Buildings and
trees in close proximity will always have a delicately balanced relationship, and where the cost of stabilising
a building is considered too great, the tree will normally go. Few trees, however, can have quite the majestic
stature in either the public eye, imagination or history of the local area, and I and many others are wondering
whether it is possible to find an alternative solution to the dilemma at hand.


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Anonymous said...

Whatever next!
On the contrary. Conservative Cllr. David Hilton was the first person to contact RBWM after spotting the notice and actively encouraged residents to email& write to the council leader on this.No one is 'trying to kill'this iconic landmark tree it was there long before the houses.

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