20 Mar 2011

Clare Solomon interview

Quite good for the Guardian, once they sack Rory Carroll, I might even start buying it again.

The comments as usual are very abusive, trolls like to trawl the net.

Major events often throw up unexpected figureheads, and the student protests in November were no exception: from among the masses of students flowing past Downing Street, manning the barricades in Parliament Square and shouting at the TV cameras, one face stood out. It wasn't that of Aaron Porter, president of the NUS, who played things safe, condemning outbreaks of violence, but that of a 37–year-old mature student who had walked into an undefended Millbank Tower and, along with many others, took up residence there, dancing and singing. "Before we knew it," Clare Solomon writes in Springtime: The New Student Rebellions, published by Verso at the end of this month, "windows were being broken and fires lit to keep warm while we celebrated the rebirth of the student movement."


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