12 Mar 2011

What you aren't being told about cancer.

I haven't seen this and I wonder if it is a little conspiratorial.

However no doubt that pharmaceutical companies kill millions.

Monopoly patents massively inflate drug prices and like idiots we put up with it.

Cancer prevention does not generate profit so is of little interest.

Planet Corporate does not work and resistance is necessary.

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Stuart Neyton said...

It's only around 15% of its income that the pharmaceutical industry spends on research. Governments nationalising research in this field and sharing discoveries would not only save tens of billions, but also allow more money to be invested in research than the current.

I think it's important to also remember that drug patents make life saving medicines completely unaffordable for people and governments in the developing world. Hundreds of millions of people needlessly die because the drug industry is more concerned about profit than the lives they claim to try and save.

Anonymous said...

I reckon it's the Joos that cause cancer Derek.

Part of some secret plot no doubt.

Keep em peeled.

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