21 Mar 2011

I am marching with my Latin America comrades!

I am marching with my Latin America comrades!

Just had this statement for 26th March meet up!

We oppose the cuts being imposed to the working class and want to raise our voice together with other migrant communities and with the native working class.

The meeting point is Kennington Park at 11:00 am (near Oval tube station). We will have COLACOR guides throughout the park. We will be wearing an item with the SCISSORS AND THE FIST IMAGE.

Once you see a member of our network, please come to us and register so that we can:

1) Hand out necessary material for the march: Sheet with slogans, Bust card (key emergency info), route map, whistles and fliers to be used
2) Gather a large contingent of people behind the massive COLACOR banner
3) We will do sing and dance alongs. If you want to join this, with us you can practice
4) If your children want to put on costumes, when you come to the group you will be able to get that.

This will be a joyful event, for the whole family, come along with your friends, workmates, neighbours, parents, grandparents. EVERYONE is welcome, because TOGETHER WE ARE MORE.

In this march, we, as Latin American, want to raise our voices, to be listened. For us NO ONE IS ILLEGAL and WE are WORKERS, NOT criminals. This is why we want to become visible and to show our solidarity with all workers and people no matter where they come from.


This is only the beginning of the fight. Our fighting spirit as Latin Americans wants to be a flame ready to ignite at the 26th March and beyond. We need to build a wide and inclusive movement that not only opposes the cuts, but STOPS them.


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