26 Mar 2011

Today we were 500,000

Great march today.

Joined an unofficial feeder march at Kennington Park with the Latin Americans against the cuts group.

Met up with Green Left and friends who squatted Gaddaffi's house.

Really lovely to see some many friends including Martin Empson (whose new anti-nuclear booklet I will review soon!)

Took almost an hour to march down Whitehall because there were so many of us.

The policing seemed ok, too many of us to kettle or more intelligent policing?

Glad to hear UK uncuts occupied Fortnum and Mason.

Favourite slogan 'We are many, you are few' heard outside parliament.


Anonymous said...

Anti capitalism has failed. Live with the facts. The green and your latin american hippies will be destroyed. I am disgusted with your involvment in smashing santander. You dont look like a guy with a PHD, oh! I forgot it was in archeology. Get a life son, eco socialism has failed and you are no intelectual.
Best wishes

Cosmo said...

Actually it seems like you have failed, mr anonymous, and there fore have to resort to tolling and abusing. If you were correct in any way u would not need to come out with that crap talk to try and influence people that u know are listening and standing alongside Derek.

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