13 Feb 2011


Special Update
Yellowstone Park Rangers captured approximately 321
of America's last wild bison on Monday and Tuesday.

Park officials plan to send some of the buffalo to slaughter
and hold some in the pens until spring.

Please take action now and urge the Park
Service to set the buffalo free:

CONTACT: Acting Superintendent Colin Campbell
PHONE: 307-344-2003
EMAIL: colin_campbell@nps.gov

The buffaloes were virtually exterminated in the 19th century, a powerful example of the attitude that nature 'is abundant and we can kill it if we like'.

This attitude has been extended by US corporations and commentators like Glenn Beck to the whole planet. Climate change isn't happening is just a new version of 'don't worry about the passenger pigeons they will never become extinct.'

After a hard winter the buffaloes are trying to escape from their prison in Yellowstone Park and are threatened with death.

In a sense we are a species threatened by extinction by US corporate greed and insanity.

Excellent video outlining sensible approach (a la Ostrom!) in contrast to the insanity of enclosure and destruction of nature


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