25 Feb 2011

After Friday prayer the citizens of Tripoli march on Gadaffi (Video just in)

The video is from an independent source but Al Jazeera's reporting remains sold gold.

Violence flared up even before the Friday sermons were over, according to a source in Tripoli.

"People are rushing out of mosques even before Friday prayers are finished because the state-written sermons were not acceptable, and made them even more angry," the source said.

Libyan state television aired one such sermon on Friday, in an apparent warning to protesters.

"As the Prophet said, if you dislike your ruler or his behaviour, you should not raise your sword against him, but be patient, for those who disobey the rulers will die as infidels," the speaker told his congregation in Tripoli.


....however a rare item of good Guardian information discussing the influence or lack of influence of Al Qaida HERE


Anonymous said...

Do you think they heard Hugo's contribution Derek?

"Long live Libya and its independence! Kadhafi faces a civil war!"

Not a Chav said...

Of course they heard it Anon - ther thing is, that unlike Derek, the ordinary Libyan probably has a very dim view of Chavez - after all, they know more about him than Derek does.

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