15 Feb 2011

Incompetent spy emails climate camp by mistake.

Yes if you do good and work for a future for the next generations, you will be spied on, harrassed and perhaps even assaulted.

The good news is that the quality of spying is falling.

Some of the cops have been outed.

The private sector are also proving to be rubbish.....can you imagine paying people like this to spy, I mean your corporation would never dig open cast coal or kill seals or be able to sell radioactive toys to parents of young children.

Shocking when you think about it.

And you could get the info just by looking at the Camp for Climate Action website. Any way looks like some energy companies have wasted their cash.

Serious point the bad guys and girls have a lot of cash to spend making the world a worse place!

The company, Vericola Ltd, CEO Rebecca Louise Todd, has been infiltrating activist groups including the Camp for Climate Action and London Rising Tide since at least 2007. Email addresses linked to the company have been used to sign up to email lists, and Vericola has been employing people to attend meetings, events and actions to collect information.

Three clients of the company have currently been identified. Firstly, E.ON, the target of the 2008 Camp for Climate Action at Kingsnorth coal power station in Kent. Secondly, Scottish Coal, the largest opencast coal mining company in the UK, which has been targeted by the Mainshill Solidarity Camp and the ongoing Happendon Wood Action Camp. Thirdly, Scottish Power, operators of Cockenzie and Longannet coal power stations in Scotland. Alan Somerville, the Managing Director of Scottish Coal and Scottish Resources Group Estates was identified as a recipient of the information, as was Gordon Irving, Director of Group Security at Scottish Power.

According to the Scottish Power website, Gordon Irving “has close links and a very good working relationship with the police, having been in the force himself”. He was in Strathclyde Police for 30 years, and head of special branch in Scotland.

The companies’ involvement was revealed after the CEO of Vericola, Rebecca Todd, began copying her emails to the Climate Camp email account by mistake on her Blackberry, with the names of her clients included. In response to a callout for the site take of the RBS Climate Camp on 14 July 2010, Todd wrote:

Please forward this to all usual suspects. Remember just to cut at paste the email
content I sent you and not the forward my email to you! X
Rebecca Todd
Vericola Ltd


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P said...

A neighbour of mine worked as a security guard for a private company that had a contract with BAe. He had to sit and guard the jets from the 'ploughshares' women protesters who had an annoying habit of breaking in and disarming the Hawk jets that were being exported to Indonesia.

One day a really posh bloke gathered them all together and offered them £20 an hour to infiltrate and 'mingle' with the protesters outside the gates, in order to gather intelligence about future attacks.

He went once, stayed half an hour. "It was snowing and too F***ing cold" he explained to me later. If you knew him you'd know that he would have stood out like a sore thumb on the protest, knowing as much about international politics as I do about the offside rule.

He went back to sitting in the shed guarding the jets single handed.

Unfortunately for him, this job didn't last long either. He was caught by some ex-RAF type dancing outside the shed with a traffic cone on his head, his feet didn't touch the ground...

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