21 Feb 2011

Miliband's Labour Party rocked by corruption allegations

Its another embarrassment for Miliband, if true it shows that his party still has a serious corruption problem and it looks true to me.

Just a vehicle for profit and in this case open cast coal. Killing our planet and pocketing at the same time.

Councillors who take gifts, cops who spy and fuck the people they spy on, the UK is closer to countries like Libya and Bahrain than you might think.

If you protest at open cast coal you are almost certainly being watched by private security employed by coal interests, do they employ the Labour Party as well?

Another case of political corruption has been exposed today with the revelations that Labour councillor for Ballochmyle, Jimmy Kelly accepted a number of “gifts” from Scottish Coal prior to chairing the committee which recommended the controversial mine at Dalfad for approval.

The former miner and councillor of over 20 years accepted an all expenses paid trip to Spain from Scottish Coal in 2008 which included flights, hotel and tickets to the Barcelona vs Celtic Champions League match. Kelly has also received complementary Christmas hampers from the company and was their guest at a fundraiser dinner.



Anonymous said...

Very unwise of Jimmy to accept the hospitality of that value, however they are all declared on his Declaration of Interests (assuming they were declared within 28 days).Extremely unwise not to have left the chamber and handed over to the vice chair, whilst that planning application was debated. I don't think that quite adds up to corruption.

Anne Greagsby said...

We are being monitored openly. In South Wales we are fighting Prosiect Gwyrdd/Incinerator £1.1 billion PFI. Gwyrdd means green! Ian Lloyd-Davies, communications officer at Prosiect Gwyrdd is being paid to monitor environmentalists. 15th Feb 2011 Ian says "I monitor all the material produced by yourself and your colleagues in Cardiff against the Incinerator." More here

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